Because you can’t always be there

Quick and Easy setup with no technical expertise required.
HomeMonitor alerts you when motion is detected.
Watch live or review recordings in the cloud for free.
See and hear what’s happening at your home from anywhere.
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Over 1 million HomeMonitor customer videos are uploaded every day; that's almost 700 per minute.*

93% of HomeMonitor customers would recommend us to a friend or family member.*

An established UK brand providing consumer friendly cameras in over 34 countries.*

The only security camera company that offers unlimited online video storage for free.*

Burglar caught on CCTV security camera HomeMonitor

Connect a camera, create an account, see your stuff

HomeMonitor™ lets you watch live or see your recorded clips from your
computer or smartphone, keeping you in touch with what matters most.

Trusted Wi-Fi cameras, record to your personal online account, so you can watch anywhere
7 days free forever secure online cloud-based recording

7 days free forever secure
online cloud-based recording

Don't worry about saving your footage, HomeMonitor™ does it for you, for free, with all your video clips stored securely in your own cloud-based online account. No monthly sign-up, ongoing payment, or subscription required.

See around the clock - 24hr high quality infrared night vision

See around the clock - 24hr
high quality infrared night vision

Indoor or outdoor, our wireless cameras come with built-in professional infrared night vision which lets you see up to 15m, even in complete darkness. What's more, it's automatic, so comes on when you need it! Simple!

Bandwidth friendly won't kill your internet or increase your bills

Bandwidth economic so won't kill
your internet or increase your bills

HomeMonitor™ doesn't use your internet bandwidth constantly like other internet-based camera systems - and only streams when you need it to. No surprise internet bills, plus better use of your bandwidth.

Capture every moment with our pre-recording SmartBuffer

Capture every moment with
our pre-recording SmartBuffer™

Never miss that crucial moment - with every event captured before it even occurs. HomeMonitor™ buffers exactly what's happening, as it happens, so footage can be saved before motion is even detected, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

HomeMonitor™ is simple to install & anyone can do it

Connect to power, connect to your network, open an account.
Get setup and be viewing your camera online in less than 60 seconds.
Connect camera

Connect camera

Connect HomeMonitor™ to power and your high-speed
internet router with the provided cables
Set up your account

Set up your account

Visit the HomeMonitor™ website and register your own account
& follow the on-screen guide for connecting the camera to your Wi-Fi
Protect & secure whatever you want to watch

Protect & secure whatever you want to watch

Set motion detection zones to trigger recording and alerts,
with clips stored instantly into your online account.
Record & get alerted

Record & get alerted

Get alerts to your computer, tablet or smartphone if motion is detected.
Login and view from wherever you are over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.
How does HomeMonitor work?

How does HomeMonitor™ work?

Delve deeper into the workings of HomeMonitor and find out how the best hardware, software and cloud technology gives you an unsurpassed home monitor.

How HomeMonitor works

How can HomeMonitor help you?

How can HomeMonitor™ help you?

Protecting your home, watching your cat or checking in on loved ones - find out how you could use HomeMonitor in your daily life.

How HomeMonitor helps

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Only HomeMonitor gives you free online cloud recording

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