The easiest way to connect to your world with a tap, click,
switch or push - access your online account from anywhere, anytime

No fuss, no drama. Watch straight
from the web or with free apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or & Roku

Just like your Facebook or Spotify accounts you can easily access your HomeMonitor from any device, from anywhere around the globe.

Only HomeMonitor™ allows you to access your world from so many devices. Watch live or see recorded clips with a tap of our smartphone or tablet apps, access and amend your settings from any computer or laptop or switch a channel and watch your HomeMonitor™ cameras directly from your TV.

Home security straight from your iPhone

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.
Watch, control and play back from your smartphone or tablet

Protection in the palm of your hand

Access and control your HomeMonitor camera straight from your iPhone, iPad or Android handset.

Instantly switch the camera on and off, control on your recording and notification email settings plus watch live video and audio over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G – Keeping you close no matter where you are

Power On/Off button

Instantly active or deactivate your camera remotely,this automatically disables all alerts and recording functionality.

Control motion detection recording

Never worry that you’ve forgotten to turn on or off your HomeMonitor record functionality, control this easily on the go straight from the app dashboard

Active and disable email alerts

With the tap of a tap you can start and stop email notifications any time, anywhere

Archive access on the go

View, review and catch-up from where ever you are; You can instantly access your HomeMonitor™ archive ensuring you never miss a moment as all you clips stored securely on your account, accessible right there on your phone!

Both iOS and Android apps easily display all your past recordings from the last seven days which you can access straight from your smart phone without ever having to log in to your computer – no restrictions or hassle. All recordings are simply separated by date so you can easily scroll and search through your previous recording and catch up on any missed moments.

The Wi-Fi Video Camera for Windows Phone

HomeMonitor is the only cloud Wi-Fi camera that officially supports Windows Phone devices.

Your HomeMonitor camera can now be accessed from your Windows Phone. Access live view for any of the cameras under your account, or view all clips in your video archive.

Only HomeMonitor™ lets you check in from your TV

Watch live with Roku or review archived clips with Apple AirPlay

Security camera on your TV

HomeMonitor™ takes monitoring from the back room to the front room

HomeMonitor™ is the first cloud camera to allow you to check in and monitor your stuff straight from your TV.

Share with the entire family and have the ability to watch all of your HomeMonitor™ cameras live from
the comfort of your living room. Connect via your Roku box with our dedicated free app or swipe any of your archived clips from your iOS device to you Apple TV with Airplay.

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Only HomeMonitor gives you free online cloud recording

No subscription fees or on-going charges. Everything you need is in the box